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Mindful Role of Technology in the 21st Century of Fashion

If you say that technology has made the world go upside down in terms of success, it wouldn’t be wrong . Every field has made its bar high with the help of technology and it helped them go from nobody to somebody in no time. It’s a matter of some techniques that come with it and if you master it, then surely you’re going to reach the highest level of success. It also even matters of luck for some individuals because ratings and also a buyer helps in getting customers. Technology without a doubt has made ever field go vast, but today, I’m going to talk about how technology has affected the fashion industry.


Clothing has always been a great way to express culture and civilization and it’s also a way to showcase your interests and needs. Social status, religious liberty, the diversity of one’s culture and professional status can all be reflected by what you wear.

Technology is enhancing and increasing the worth of fashion for some last decades. From the fabric to the process and the output, computing power is reshaping the fashion industry.The visualization of the best designs right after the process of conceptualization, noting of every minute detail and looking for changes if desire, automating several stages in the manufacturing process and finally executing the final product – all of them involve computing at various levels of complexity.

Using current modern features, designers can create the portraits and the structures that nobody has ever seen before which usually makes them stand out in millions of other brands. Since fashion and innovation have always gone hand in hand, technology has really helped to maintain it.

Did we ever think of a fabric that’s gonna last us all the seasons and can change it’s texture and shape accordingly? Well, those mere fantasies are becoming reality with technology getting more involved in fashion each passing day. All of such possibilities now have made people expect a lot more creativity from the designers and the designers are proving themselves successfully by providing them something even greater than their imagination and more durable than one could ever ask for. As fashion evolves, old trends are getting merged with the latest expectations and get the shape of innovation.

The rising concerns about fair wages and the need of becoming faster and more efficient to keep up with hyper-connected consumers of today have given away to new exciting technologies. With each passing day, social media is changing how fashion’s been consumed and it has given access to each individual to reach out to their favorite trends as soon as they hit the catwalk. It gives you a platform to seek products that can entertain your preferences. In this fast forward era, the brands who are likely to be responsive towards market needs will get successful. It’s a great platform to reach out to as many people as you could and sell your products at the best possible price in almost no time. It saves time as well as energy and you tend to save yourself from troublesome experience.

Brands have been recently been using artificial technology. It helps analyze data, boost sales, forecast trends, and offer guidance.

Eg; chatbox and touch screens are being used in stores to make it more comforting for customers and customized product suggestions. The technology behind it includes algorithms that track customers journeys to match them with the right products. Although these customer service technology tools are promising, trend forecasting and supply chain management are some of the most profitable avenues for AI.

Fashion is always changing. Even though we revisit the trends of the past, fashion is all about looking forward to. Here are some predictions of how fashion would evolve till 2030 :


It sounds like a dream to never go for laundry again but it can turn into a possibility as it’s already been experienced in Australia where they looked a way to clean the outfit when exposed to sunlight.


It’s fun to even think about how fashion would grow with the years.This is something we have already seen on catwalks and in high street fashion. Moreover, the comfy loose-fitting clothes that once belonged to men’s section is now many women’s go-to outfit and men are also willing to try a more feminine touch to their fashion. Also, we have already seen clothes which do not gender biased and we will surely see more of them.


The designers are doing a great job but how great it would be to be able to customize your own clothes being in your comfort zone. It can be done even now but that means paying a lot more than the usual amount. Hopefully, it will change as it will become normal.

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